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Jailbreak Features Apple Needs to Steal for iOS 9



The beauty of jailbreaking your iPhone is that you get to have features that a stock iOS experience wouldn’t allow, but here are some jailbreak features that Apple needs to steal for iOS 9.

iOS 9 will most likely be announced next week during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and there are already a handful of rumors on what the new version of iOS will bring to users, including a new Music app, improved Siri, and the usual bevy of bug fixes and general performance improvements all around.

Hopefully Apple will provide some actual solid details next week about iOS 9, as well as announce some other new products that have been rumored for WWDC.

In any case, there are still a lot of features that have yet to make their way into iOS, and many of those features are jailbreak tweaks. Apple has never been shy to take jailbreak tweaks and turn them into stock features in iOS. In fact, the iOS 7 release included a handful of features that were once jailbreak tweaks, including the Parallax Effect, automatic app updates, better Siri features, and a new multi-tasking tray.

Hopefully Apple comes through in iOS 9 as well and brings over some jailbreak tweaks to make them stock features. In the meantime, here are some jailbreak features that we think Apple needs to steal for iOS 9.

Changing Default Apps

This is one feature that we’re crossing out fingers for, as it’ll probably never arrive, but it would be great if iOS 9 allowed users to change the default app, such as defaulting to Google Maps instead of Apple Maps and using Chrome instead of Safari if one chooses to.


Browser Changer and MapsOpener are two jailbreak tweaks that allow users to do this on jailbroken devices, but non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads are stuck with the stock apps. Granted, users can still use third-party apps, but if go to open a link in an email, it will open in Safari, and that can’t be changed.

More Power Down Options

When you hold down the power button on your iPhone or iPad, you only get one option: Turning off your device, but we would love to see more options added to this.


One awesome jailbreak tweak is called BetterPowerDown, and it adds a couple more options to the power down menu in iOS. Not only can you turn off your iPhone or iPad, but you can also choose to restart it or respring it.

It would be great for Apple to do something similar in iOS 9, even if it’s just adding a restart option to the power down menu.

More Keyboard Options

The iOS keyboard is great, especially with the improvements and new features in iOS 8, but it could be better.

Perhaps adding vibration feedback when you type would be useful for some users. It’s a feature that works well on Android, so we don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the iPhone and iPad.


There’s also an opportunity to improve moving around the cursor a bit more. With SwipeSelection, you can simply just swipe across the keyboard to move the cursor to wherever you want, which is incredibly handy.

Then there’s the chance for Apple to differentiate upper case and lower case letters. The keyboard only shows upper case at all times, which can be confusing. With a tweak like ShowCase, users will be given lower case letters on the keys instead of all upper case all the time.

Battery Conservation Settings

The iPhone has never been great at battery life, which is why giving users battery conservation settings would be ideal.

A jailbreak tweak like BatterySafe gives users the power to automatically disable power-hungry features whenever the battery gets below a certain percentage. Many newer smartphones already do this, but the iPhone doesn’t have such features. Now is a great time for Apple to include this in iOS 9.

Utilize Left Swipe on Home Screen

Ever since Apple changed how users access Spotlight Search in iOS, the “left swipe” has been vacant. However there are jailbreak tweaks that can fill the void, but Apple itself has yet to fill in the crack.


The left swipe is something that can still be utilized in iOS, whether it’s for viewing certain information or frequently-used apps. It’s an area of iOS that no longer gets any attention, and that needs to change.

Unlock Your Mac with Your iPhone

One jailbreak tweak that’s been talking the jailbreaking community by storm is called UnlockID, which allows you to unlock your Mac using your iPhone.


It’s a simple feature, and it’s one that Apple could easily implement into iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 when they both eventually release. Users could use Touch ID on their iPhone to unlock their Mac when it’s in range, which would not only be a convenience feature, but a big security feature as well.

Swipe to Dismiss Notifications

We’re not sure this still isn’t a thing in iOS. You can swipe and then take action on a notification, but you can’t simply just swipe to dismiss it.


Furthermore, you have to tap twice to dismiss a notification in the Notification Center, which is mostly annoying, but it would be great for Apple to just reduce it to a one-tap close. NCSingleTapClear is a jailbreak tweak that can make this happen.

Better Alarm Options

I hate it when I have my ringer volume turned down to low, but I forget to turn it back up before I go to bed. Otherwise, I can’t hear the alarm go off. It’s really annoying, and it’s something that Apple needs to fix.


There’s a jailbreak tweak called Safe Alarm that allows users to independently adjust volume for the ringer and the alarm, making sure that you don’t sleep through your morning alarm. iOS 9 needs this.

Control Center Customizations

This is perhaps one of the most wanted features in iOS. Control Center is fantastic, but it needs more customization to say the least.


FlipControlCenter and CCHide are two popular jailbreak tweaks that allow users to customize Control Center, like switching out toggles with other settings and even adding more toggle buttons into the mix, as well as hiding the media controls when music isn’t playing.

We’re not sure if this is something that Apple could easily do, but it’s one thing we’re counting on in iOS 9.



  1. Someone

    06/02/2015 at 2:39 pm

    So basically apple needs to implement features already present on a lot of Android devices (all except the pc unlock one, I like that one, tho I’m sure there’s already an android app for it)

  2. Anon

    06/04/2015 at 3:26 pm

    Essentially “yes”! I haven’t jailbroken my ios devices time and time again to pirate apps and games. I’m paying for security and features “tweaks” that are sadly not available oem or in the appstore.

    One such feature is an enhanced FindMyiPhone feature like ICaughtU where it snaps a photo when someone fails to unlock the phone.

  3. Doc Insight

    06/05/2015 at 10:11 am

    Apple will lose to Android just like they will never take back the PC market. All my old devices are Apple but now Android runs smooth so all my new devices are Android. It is sad they had the edge in both markets but squandered it away spending millions to limit their devices.

  4. RogerDRodgers

    08/29/2015 at 2:32 am

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