7 Jailbreak Tweaks Apple Is Killing with iOS 9
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7 Jailbreak Tweaks Apple Is Killing with iOS 9



Apple announced and showed off iOS 9 earlier this week, arriving with a handful of new features, some of which are actually jailbreak tweaks. Here are seven jailbreak tweaks that Apple is sending to the graveyard with the release of iOS 9.

A lot of new features are coming to iOS 9, but some of the more notable ones include improvements to Siri, proactivity (meaning that Apple will automatically launch a certain app in the morning if it knows that you use that app often when you wake up), improved reminders, better Spotlight Search, more features in the Notes app, a new app called News, and a ton more.

What you may not notice right away is that many of the smaller tweaks (and even some of the bigger features) in iOS 9 were inspired by jailbreak tweaks, so many of these new features are features that jailbroken iPhones have had access to for a while now, and some of the tweaks are even several years old.

Apple is giving users less of a reason to jailbreak their devices by implementing some of these jailbreak tweaks by default without jailbreaking. Granted, it still might not give some avid jailbreakers a reason to unjailbreak their iPhones for iOS 9, but we can easily see some casual jailbreakers letting go.

Without further ado, here are seven jailbreak tweaks that Apple is essentially killing with the release of iOS 9.


One of my personal favorite jailbreak tweaks is now a default setting in iOS 9. SwipeSelection allows you to move the typing cursor by swiping across the keyboard with your finger.


iOS 9 now comes with this same ability, although you have to use two fingers, which is perhaps a better way of doing it. It’s certainly a feature that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it makes a huge difference once you actually try it and start taking advantage of it.


Another personal favorite jailbreak tweak of mine is called ShowCase, which turns the letters on the keyboard into lowercase when I’m typing in lowercase. iOS always leaves them in uppercase, but not anymore in iOS 9.


iOS 9 now only shows uppercase letters when typing in caps (or you press down on the shift key), and when you’re typing in lowercase, the keyboard will display lowercase letters. Again, it might seem like a trivial new feature, but it’s a real game-changer in iOS.


One big feature that Apple showed off in iOS 9 was the ability to watch a video from a video streaming app and continue to watch the video while in another app, very similar to how picture-in-picture works on televisions.

This is also a jailbreak tweak called VideoPane that gives users the same features. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in iOS 9 on the iPad, while VideoPane is also available to use on the iPhone, so iPhone users may still have a reason to stay jailbroken, but it’s getting more and more difficult to decide for iPad users.

Battery-Saving Tweaks

There are numerous battery-saving jailbreak tweaks available that aim at elongating the life of your battery if it gets too low (such a BattSaver and BatterySafe), such as cutting off cellular access and cutting off other power-hungry features.


Apple announced that it’s introducing similar features in iOS 9, where your iPhone can disable power-hungry features if your battery percentage gets below a certain mark.

With battery life being one of the major problems with the iPhone and iPad over the years, it’s about time Apple introduces a feature like this.


There are a lot of settings in iOS, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a certain one. This is where a new feature iOS 9 comes in handy, which puts a search bar right inside the Settings app so that you can search for a specific setting.


A jailbreak tweak called SearchSettings has been around almost a year now, giving jailbroken iPhones the ability to search settings for quite a while, but we’re just glad that everyone can experience the greatness of quickly finding a hidden setting without going scavenger hunting.


There have been several jailbreak tweaks that have aimed to nail down this whole multi-tasking thing, including OS Experience, which was kind of a swing and a miss, but ReachApp came the closest with its split-view multi-tasking capabilities.


Now, iOS 9 comes with a split-view mode as well on the iPad, allowing you to see two apps at once and work on both of them at the same time. It’s perhaps much better than any jailbreak tweak, though, so this is where Apple might have given jailbreak developers a run for their money.


Perhaps one of the best jailbreak tweaks I’ve seen in a while, RelevApps allows you to put app shortcuts in Control Center, but not only that, it allowed you to specify which apps show up based on the time of day.


iOS 9 now does this in a similar way, learning your app usage habits and suggesting apps for you to use. Apple puts these in Spotlight Search, which can be accessed with quick swipe down on the home screen.

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