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Jailbroken iPhones Now Covered by SquareTrade Warranty



Techies who like the jailbreak their iPhones can now buy a warranty for their device from SquareTrade.

Third-party warranty service SquareTrade announced today that it will cover any iPhone with its warranties, including jailbroken iPhones. Now users are free to tinker with their iPhones’s software without worrying about voiding their warranty. That’s good news for anyone who recently purchased an iPhone and hopes to jailbreak it once an untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak is available.

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Neither Apple nor AT&T offer support to jailbroken iPhones. Verizon’s warranty plan sounds like it will cover jailbroken iPhones, as long as the jailbreak didn’t cause the damage. Sprint only offers AppleCare+ for the iPhone, so it won’t cover jailbroken iPhones either.

SquareTrade’s warranties for the iPhone start at $59.99 for a single year of coverage and $99.99 for two years. The warranty covers accidents including broken screens and water damage (even full immersion in water) as well as “out-of-warranty normal use failures” like a power button that stops working or a battery that no longer charges.

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SquareTrade isn’t the first third-party warranty to cover jailbroken iPhones. Yesterday Zagg announced its new ZAGGsafe warranty which also covers jailbroken iPhones. ZAGGsafe offer two years of protection at the same $99 price as SquareTrade.

The differences between SquareTrade and ZAGGsafe are minimal. SquareTrade has $50 deductibles for all claims, while ZAGGsafe has $59 deductibles. Zagg does offer users more time to decide, however. Users can buy ZAGGsafe for any new device purchased within 90 days. SquareTrade only offers a 30 day window from the purchase of the device.

Now that SquareTrade covers jailbroken iPhones it seems like the better of the two warranties, as long as users don’t procrastinate too much.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Howard

    06/10/2012 at 10:54 pm

    Squaretrade’s deductible is no longer 50. It’s $99 now, and has been for some time. zaggSafe at the moment is the cheaper one

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