James has a Samsung Q1 with the SSD!

Q1ssdOkay, I admit it, I am very subject to fits of jealousy, and I am having one of those fits right now.  James Kendrick over at jkontherun has had a little “gift” (albeit a temporary one) dropped on his doorstep that is driving my little hissy fit of jealousy.  Here is a blurb of what James had to say:

Be vewy, vewy quiet.  Hear the hard drive spinning?  Me neither, because the Samsung Q1 SSD that appeared on my doorstep today doesn’t have a hard drive.  The SSD stands for Solid State Disk and this baby packs a 32 GB SSD in place of a regular hard drive

How does this guy get this stuff?  I may need to make a pilgrimage to Mobile Tech Manor to sit at the feet of my hero and study his methods of acquiring goodies!  Okay JK, now you have to do something special like a nice set of benchmarks, etc., just to make me even more upset.  The gauntlet has been thrown!  Do not disappoint me.

Check out James’ post on this here

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