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James Kendrick: Intel Is Betting on the MID



James Kendrick had what looks like an interesting chat with the folks at Intel regarding the mobile scene. From what jk is reporting on jkOnTheRun, Intel is betting big on the Mobiln chipset and MIDs for the long view.

It sounds very similar to what we heard last year at CES from Intel. They are taking a long view with the Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform and see these as consumer devices aimed at specific and narrow segments of the market such as gaming, navigation, and media consumption. That’s all well and good and apparently we’re to see more of the MID at CES in a few weeks.

Kendrick’s conversation also reveals some info about the next round of the Atom processor, Moorestown, which is aiming for a 10x reduction in power consumption, and also the addition of communication features.

Check out all of jk’s report here.

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