Jawbone Jambox Neck Chain Makes This Bluetooth Boombox Old School
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Jawbone Jambox Neck Chain Makes This Bluetooth Boombox Old School



If you saw our holiday gift guides you know that some of us are fans of the Jawbone Jambox, a compact Bluetooth speaker with big sound. Today at CES we caught up with the Jawbone team and were highly amused to see them wearing the Jamboxes around their necks like we’d suddenly traveled back to the 80s when things like that were totally appropriate.

This is no surprise given that the boombox appears to be making a comeback if the Marley iPod docks are any indication. I’ve also noticed lately that people on public transportation have no shame about sharing their music with everyone. So I predict this will be a very popular accessory for the Jambox.

Jawbone Jambox worn around the neck

The chains we saw were just plastic, which is fine to start with. However, I expect to see 24 karat gold chains and perhaps some giant Flava Flav clocks by the time Fashion Week rolls around.

Since the Jambox is fairly light wearing it around one’s neck is not as cumbersome as you’d think. If you want to up your bling game, stack two speakers on top of one another.

Not only can you broadcast your tunes for up to 10 hours with this beauty, you can also use it for hands-free calls on your smartphone. What better way to show what a big shot you are than to let everyone around you in on your conversation?

Looking a bit gangsta with the Jawbone Jambox

The Jambox neck bling isn’t yet available to buy — if you want one, we suggest you bug Jawbone. This is a product who’s time has come, gone, and come back again.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    01/10/2012 at 7:03 am

    Big shot, no.  Tool YES!  :-P

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