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Jawbone Up May Be the Ultimate Fitness Companion



The Jawbone Up is a new fitness accessory that tracks your activity and food, reminds you to be active and tracks your sleep.

While this sounds similar to the Fitbit, the Jawbone up has the potential to do much more, such as waking you up at the best time, and as an added bonus it is waterproof.

The Jawbone Up retails for $99 and will be available starting on November 6th.

You can see the Jawbone Up features in action in the video below.

The Jawbone Up is made by the same company that makes high-end Bluetooth accessories,  but the band doesn’t have Bluetooth. Instead, you sync to your iPhone with the built in 3.5mm headphone plug. Right now, you need an iPhone to use the band, but there is reportedly Android support in the works.

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up tracks your activity, sleep and more.

Activity Tracking

The  battery should last 10 days between charges, and the built in motion sensor tracks your daily activity, workouts and sleep. There is a small vibration motor, like the one in your cell phone, which is used to remind you to move and to act as a silent alarm that wakes you up when your body is at the best sleep stage. Because the band is sweatproof and water-resistant, you can wear it while you shower and work out. You’ll see it used while swimming, but it is only waterproof to 1M.

The band and your iPhone can track your active vs. inactive time, intensity of activity, calories burned, distance walked and more. You can also challenge other users, for added motivation.

Sleep Tracking

In the video above, you can see how the Jawbone Up tracks your sleep. The device can monitor your sleep quality and knows your sleep cycle. When you are at the best time to wake up, the vibration motor will act as a silent alarm. This means you might get woken up at 6:21 instead of 6:30, but in theory this will be a better wake up.

Food Tracking

Jawbone Up Food Tracking

Track Your Food with a Photo.

Tracking food has always proven to be the toughest part of making full use of these devices and fitness apps, so Jawbone has simplified it. The iPhone app allows you to take a picture of your food to log it.

The photo may not be able to determine the exact caloric content of your meal, so instead it asks you how you feel to help train you what different foods do to your body. We’re waiting to see the level of detail that the app can track.

Will you be getting one? Stay tuned, we will be comparing it to the Fitbit in the near future.


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