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Jaybird Freedom Review: Amazing, Small Bluetooth Earbuds



The Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds are incredibly small, sound great and provide a better seal than the Jaybird X2. You can customize the sound of your Jaybird Freedom bluetooth earbuds to match your taste in music using a free app.

Small wireless earbuds are more important than ever thanks to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus dropping the headphone jack. After spending a week using the Freedom earbuds with the iPhone 7 Plus this is what we’ve learned.

The Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds sound great thanks to customizable sound and fit like a glove thanks to memory foam earbuds. The seal blocks out most external noise in a coffee shop or while walking outside. I carry them in a pocket wherever I go now that my phone has no headphone jack.

The Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds include a variety of accessories for a good fit.

The Jaybird Freedom wireless earbuds include a variety of accessories for a good fit.

Jaybird’s $199 asking price is steep, but you can find them on sale for $150, which is a better fit for what you get.

These are super small earbuds that fit in ears of all sizes thanks to a variety of earbud tips. Jaybird includes small wings that help keep the earbuds in while working out. Even without the added wing the fit is great. You can even wear the Freedom headphones and lay your head down on a pillow to take a power nap.

These are very small earbuds.

These are very small earbuds.

One downside to the design is that you will slightly feel the inline remote on the right ear when the cord bounces on your neck. The battery is in the remote, which makes the right side of the headphones a little heavier.

There are small accessories that can wrap the cord up so that it runs behind your head and the wire curves up over your ear, but I prefer the standard fit with the cord draped over my neck.

You need this small adapter to charge the Jaybird freedom headphones.

You need this small adapter to charge the Jaybird freedom headphones.

The inline remote holds a battery rated for four hours, which is a fair estimate of how long that battery lasts. A small charging adapter doubles as a spare battery and can charge an extra 4 hours without connecting to power.

There is no way to charge the headphones without this adapter. If you lose it, you need to buy a replacement. Jaybird includes a small carrying bag to keep your charger and accessories safely together.

Pick the right tip to fit your ear.

Pick the right tip to fit your ear.

The Jaybird Freedom and the backup battery charge at the same time. You can use the headphones while the backup battery charges them, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so if you plan to workout as the added weight of the backup battery is too much.

Pairing is simple and the Freedom headphones never cut out while I used them with my iPhone in my pocket or with my iPhone charging on a desk a room away.

The headphones are sweatproof, so you don’t need to worry about breaking them with a rigorous workout. While sweating heavily during a workout the earbuds didn’t work lose like some models do.

I love the Jaybird Freedom sound and the noise cancelling that comes from a tight seal. out of the box the wireless earbuds deliver a great, well balanced sound. The sound really shines with the Jaybird MySound app for iPhone or Android that lets you change the EQ settings directly on the headphones.

You can choose from several basic customizations; bass boost, flat, battery boost and warm. Or you can choose from popular settings from athletes or for your favorite music. There is also an option to take control of the EQ and change it to fit your specific tastes.

Unlike changing the EQ in your iPhone settings or on Android, these changes stay on the headphones and work on whatever you pair it to. You can pair to up to eight devices, though you can’t listen on more than one. You can be connected to two devices at once and can switch where you are listening from or taking a call from. Phone calls and video calls sound good on the Jaybird Freedom headphones.

Buy the Jaybird Freedom headphones on Amazon for $199 or at Best Buy for $149.99 on sale.



  1. Jeff-B (@Jabolen1)

    09/27/2016 at 9:52 am

    Jaybird has been bought out by Logitech and the customer service sucks.

  2. Guc Lu

    10/01/2016 at 5:37 am

    i have one. one month of use and they failed. i cant charge them. i lost my receipt and i havent rigth to a warranty. but the worst is that jaybird sport dont do the service repair. too bad for 200 bills

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