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Jazzmutant Multitouch Tablet PC



Another rendition of the ‘multitouch’ interface has shown it’s presence on YouTube.  From reading around the net, this was showcased at Siggraph last week to some people.  I’m not sure you want to carry this thing around just yet, but if things keep going, we’ll have that multitouch Tablet PC (that is a Tablet PC as we are accustom to) soon!!  Ok, well maybe still a few years off, but it sure would be nice.

Pioneer in the multi-touch technology since 2002, Jazzmutant has been the first company to develop and market a product using a multi-touch surface, the award-winning Music and Media controller Lemur.

Many multi-touch interaction techniques have been introduced in the last few months, building a strong interest from the public, but besides focusing on zoomable user interfaces, none of them have showed how this technology can really improve productivity in a computing environment.

For years, video and graphic designers have been asking for advanced and richer control solutions, and a multi-touch input is certainly the answer to those requests.

Jazzmutant is proud to have been selected by the Siggraph Emerging Technologies Committee in San Diego to demo a new prototype device for computer graphics involving multi-touch control. This solution will go beyond mere finger-drawing and clearly illustrate a new way to interact and improve productivity with drawing and video editing software. Furthermore, the solution presented will be the very first multi-touch enabled Tablet PC shown to the public.


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