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Jeremy Toeman Reviews the Shure 3500 Headphones



Suree500We’ve been producing quite a bit of audio and video content here at with our Inkshows, and if you’re looking for the right headphones to plug into your Ultra-Mobile PC or Tablet PC to check out all that great GBM content, you might want to check out this review. But these aren ‘t just any headphones. Shure has actually added a microphone and “push to talk” functionality to the mix, which makes them a pretty unique offering for mobile travelers. Jeremy Toeman has taken a good look (listen?) to the Sure E500 Headphones and finds them quite impressive. Here’s a snippet from the review.

Through some quite clever ingenuity (in my opinion), Shure added a microphone and a little on/off switch to the headphones.  When switched “on” (which does require a single AAA battery), the E500’s effectively mute the incoming audio source, and amplify the microphone.  This translates to: when you turn them on, you can hear the outside world again.  There’s actually a little volume control dial to adjust the level of amplification, and while it took me a little tweaking and a lot of getting used to, I finally got it right.

They will set you back $499 but if you’re in the market. Here’s the link to the full review.

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