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Jim Forbes Goes Netbooking



Jim Forbes is about to give Netbooks a try. Jim goes way back in his coverage of geekdom and mobile devices in particular. He was the founder of DemoMobile as well as a former Sr. editor with InfoWorld and PCWeek, among other publications. We did a podcast with Jim awhile back (check out the wide ranging and free wheeling podcast here.)


Now Jim wants to put Netbooks through his own testing and see what he thinks. He’s got some stiff criteria for judging what he thinks and has he says, he has some pretty strong opinions.

I don’t think Netbooks will be the Second Coming, but I do believe they have enormous transformational potential. Let me know what factors you think will be critical in this emerging category. Let’s begin an important conversation that gives users the power they need to shape a new class of computers.

if you’ve read Jim’s stuff in the past you know you’ll get a great perspective from what he thinks, so you might want to get ready to follow his Netbook adventures.

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