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Jimmy Fallon Plays Xbox One & PlayStation 4



As part of “Video Game Week” on Late Night this week, Jimmy Fallon showed both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on national TV.

As The Verge reports, Microsoft was first to show off their console on Late Night on Monday. Microsoft executive Phil Spencer came on the show and showed off the Xbox One console, controller and Kinect sensor before inviting Fallon to play the new free-to-play Killer Instinct and Forza Motorsport 5.

Spencer didn’t try to explain Microsoft’s DRM policies during the five-minute segment, instead focusing on the graphics of the new games and the console’s live TV features. The console demos well, with interesting games that look better than anything on the Xbox 360.

The next night, however, Mark Cerny, the hardware lead on the PlayStation 4 and director of Knack, was able to knock down Microsoft’s console with a single phrase. When Fallon brought up used games, Cerny replied “we support used games, we don’t require an internet connection.” Fallon replied “pretty major.”

Cerny and Sony were able to say on national TV that anyone who buys a PlayStation 4 can buy and sell used games at GameStop and other stores, with the implication being that Xbox One gamers can’t do so. Although it is worth noting that Cerny didn’t mention that third-party publishers can put their own DRM on PS4 games, and he didn’t talk about the emphasis on digital games downloaded over PlayStation Network.

Cerny also highlighted the DualShock 4 controller, saying that Sony redesigned the controller with first-person shooters in mind. The controller has new triggers and sticks that should make shooters on the PS4 much better than shooters on the PlayStation 3.

Finally, Cerny showed off his new game Knack, giving Fallon a chance to play through an ice level of the game. Cerny said he wanted to make a game like Knack so everyone in the family has a game they can play on the PS4. He noted that games like Watch Dogs, Infamous: Second Son, The Division and Killzone: Shadow Fall will appeal to hardcore gamers, but younger kids and other family members like games made for them as well.

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