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Jison Case Quilted Leather for iPad mini Feels and Looks Great



Since Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad mini doesn’t measure up to our standards of quality and functionality, we’ve searched far and wide for a better option. We found one from Jison Case. The Jison Case Quilted Leather case for iPad mini feels great thanks to the excellent high-quality leather and it looks beautiful. iPad mini owners will far prefer the Jison Case over Apple’s option.

Jison Case sells seven color options: brown, black, white, rose, lake placid blue, orange and yellow. They all look attractive. We tested the blue, but we wish we’d gotten a darker color, like the black or brown.

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The cases don’t come cheap at $83.69 per case. This won’t appeal to bargain hunters, but the price seems right for people who love exceptional quality and don’t mind paying extra for it.

Jison Case Quilted Pattern Blue1

The Jison Case Quilted Leather case covers all the important parts while leaving most of the ports, buttons and features uncovered except one. The case masks the wake button on top to the iPad mini. There’s not even a raised bump to see where the button sits. We found ourselves feeling for it unable to find it at times. That’s the only thing we don’t like about the case design.

Jison Case Quilted Pattern Blue2

Most people who looked at the case didn’t mind the color or quilted pattern. Some commented that it looked like an ultra thin purse instead of an iPad. If that’s a concern, choose a different Jison Case model or color. We also tried out the Vintage Leather Smart Case for the iPad. They offer a similar model for the iPad mini. The iPad version is the best case we’ve used yet.

Jison Case Quilted Pattern Blue3

The typical features of this case make it a nice option for most iPad mini users. The cover includes the magnetic wake feature. A slot on the back of the case holds the edge of the case’s cover to turn it into a stand with two viewing angles. (See the image below.) The upright angle helps users look at media or use the iPad mini for typing while using an external keyboard. The lower angle makes it easier to use while typing on the iPad mini screen. A soft cushion should give some added protection to the iPad mini.

Jison Case Quilted Pattern Blue4

We highly recommend the Jison Case Quilted Leather case for the iPad mini, even at over $85, because of the superior build quality, materials and feel.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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