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JK undresses the Sony UX50



Quick post:

JK just gets all the great toys, and now he has posted a video of his Sony UX50 undressing, errr., I mean unboxing.  Hehe, I will claim some credit though for all the fun videos coming out of the “unboxing” process.  It was my idea, and I want my 15 minutes of fame!  Still not sure why his “Audio Edition” has video in it, but hey, it won’t be the first time JK did something that did not make sense.  Uhh, shouldn’t that be a “Video Edition” James?

Go check out James having all the fun.  It’s not exactly like being there, but living vicariously through JK is about as close some of us will get to his fun!

Oh, and by the way James, I am sending you my address, since I am quite sure you want to pass this toy on to me when you are done! 

Right?  James?  Jamesssssss!  Please?


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