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JkOnTheRun Reviews the HP 2710p Tablet PC



James Kendrick recently took ownership of an HP 2710p Tablet PC and has given it a pretty thorough review. His thoughts are a lot like minedespite its flaws, HP got this one right and designed one of the best, if not the best, tablet experiences to date.

It is no doubt apparent that I am very pleased with what HP has brought to the tablet with the 2710p.  It is not only a great Tablet PC but also a stellar thin and light notebook computer, something that other OEMs have attempted to do but none as successfully as this in my book.  The hardware components are a decent compromise for providing great battery life while still providing very good performance, even under the resource hog that is Vista.  HP has done a good job making sure that the entire package works as flawlessly with Vista as anything I have seen yet.  The thin and light design is stellar at providing a great OOBE and daily usage.

I will take exception to one of James’  comments regarding OOBE. Although it is great to have a choice between installing 32-bit or 64-bit at initial power-up, waiting 1 – 2 hours to actually use the machine kind of takes the shine off of an otherwise great tablet pc. Josh Einstein made a similar comment to me several weeks ago, in that it was actually one of the worst OOBE he’s been through – I tend to agree more with Josh.

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