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JkOnTheRun reviews the P1610



If you are looking for more good video information on Fujitsu’s P1610 Tablet PC, then you need to take a look at James Kendrick’s video review. He spends some good time looking at applications like MindJet, Outlook, the intellisonic mic array, and gives our first look at an extended battery and port replicator.

Between the video I have done and the one James has offered up, you should just about have your all questions answered in regards to this absolutely wonderful Tablet PC.

I’m learning a bit more about the P1610 the more I use it. For one, resuming from standby is almost instantaneous – the fastest I have ever seen in a device. The second is that the P1610 leaves a lot to be desired in direct sunlight. This is not an outdoor unit.

I upgraded to Vista RTM, and the upgrade process has been very disappointing. You can follow my status here on the forums. One of the most frustrating has been ReadyBoost. I’ve got two SanDisk Ultra II 1gb SD cards, and Vista fails to recognize them as being ReadyBoost acceptable when inserted in to the SD drive. What is ironic, is that one of the cards I have converts to a USB drive ( Ultra II SD Plus USB ). When I convert it to USB and plug it in either of the ports, Vista does allow me to use the card for ReadyBoost purposes. So, it works as a USB drive but not as an SD card. That is fine, but I don’t want a USB stick protruding from unit; I’d rather have it hidden in the SD slot. This could all be driver related issues on the SD drive.  As a result, I’m going to order a 1gb memory chip for the P1610 – it is most definitely needed for Vista.

Question time: are you ordering a P1610? If you’ve already ordered one and received it, what do you think so far?

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