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JKOnTheRun’s moral decline … (so sad)



Let’s see, since James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel’s site is called “JKOnTheRun”, does that mean when Kevin “strips” his Samsung Q1 UMPC, that it would be called UMPC “streaking” (you get it, naked.., on the run…, oh never mind!)?

At any rate, Kevin has unclothed his “Sammy” in a never ending quest to see the “naked” truth of what is inside (and to see how to add more memory).  My only concern is that he is flagrantly disregarding Sammy’s feelings about being totally exposed for the world to see.  I also question the legality, since he is obviously under 18 ….  Here is what Kevin has to say as a lead in:

“Brace yourselves, because this isn’t pretty. It’s one thing to have an unboxing video of the Samsung Q1, but viewing the UMPC stark naked is a whole ‘nother matter. In fact, just to keep it clean for those under 18, I’ve only put a thumbnail pic here; a virtual UMPC peep-show if you will. Assuming you’re of age, you’ll have to click the jump for the full thrill ride.”

Kevin Tofel, UMPC Voyeur.  Who woulda thought?  :-)

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