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Joby Releases GorillaMobile Ori and Yogi for iPad 2



Joby has announced that it has released updated versions of its GorillaMobile Ori and GorillaMobile Yogi stands for use with Apple’s iPad 2.

GorillaMobile Ori

The GorillaMobile Ori is Joby’s case that can also transform into a stand. It’s inspired by origami and has been “engineered from superlight German  aluminum/polypropylene used in high-performance cars for sleek ergonomic positioning.” What this means is that it’s not only a lightweight case but an extremely versatile device  for watching movies and shows on your iPad 2.

If you’ve been looking for a sleek case or stand for your iPad 2 and want them both wrapped into one, the GorillaMobile Ori can be found at Amazon or through Joby for $70.

GorillaMobile Yogi

As for the GorillaMobile Yogi, it’s Joby’s flexible stand and it will allow you to take advantage of the iPad 2’s cameras. Using it’s legs, you’ll be able to stabilize the iPad 2 in positions that you normally wouldn’t be able to. And if you’re on a road trip, you can even do something like wrap it around the car seat and to have your iPad 2 suspended in front of you to watch movies or TV.

The Yogi is currently available at Joby and Amazon for $40.

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