John Malkovich Talks to Siri in New iPhone Ads, Not At All Creepy

Continuing their celebrity-based ad campaign for the iPhone 4S, Apple has released two new spots featuring John Malkovich, an actor so renowned for being him there’s a movie about that, and they are everything you’d expect.

The commercials debuted last night on the American Idol finale (great outcome BTW, Phillip Phillips is my wife’s favorite). This first one is called “Joke“.

So it’s a little weird that John Malkovich is sitting in a room talking to his phone and laughing at a not-funny joke. But at least it shows some of Siri’s utility and that it can respond even if you don’t speak in complete sentences. Just say a word and it will figure out what you want. That’s actually good to know. It’s the next one, seemingly self-titled “Life“, that’s mind-blowingly bizarre.

What the what was that? I mean, okay, I get it. You put John Malkovich in a commercial, you don’t expect it to be normal, but damn. I kind of see where Apple is going with these celebrity spots. You got Samuel L. Jackson being cool and Zooey Deschanel being quirky. People are drawn to that. But this is like, “Hey, we got John Malkovich to do an ad. What’s he known for?” Oh right, being creepy and weird. But hey, if John Malkovich was known for being normal, there wouldn’t have been a movie about being him.