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GbmlogoFacebook is quite the rage these days as far as social networks go. It has evolved from a network for the college crowd to one that has gone global and is open to all comers. I’ve got a Facebook profile going, as do Rob and Matt. (C’mon Dennis, Hugo, and Eddie get on the move here.) Facebook is a great place for networking and sharing interests. It is also a great place to connect and reconnect. I’ve already reconnected with quite a few friends from various walks of my life.

One of its many functions is the creation and gathering together of groups who share interests. We’ve created a Gang group that anyone can join and we’d love to see GBM readers, listeners, and viewers join up. Sure we’ve got our GBM Forums as a gathering place, but this is can be a place for the GBM Gang to hang out and extend and share its connections, if you choose to do so. For those of you who blog or have sites of your own Facebook is also a great way to extend your reach as well. Follow the link, and join (of course you’ll need to set up your own Facebook profile to do so, if you don’t already have one.) We hope to see you on the Gang on Facebook. Should be fun.

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