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Jolla Hopes to Resurrect Nokia’s Stunted MeeGo Dreams



It looks like emerging smartphone manufacturer Jolla is looking to breathe new life into the MeeGo platform, which was originally founded as a partnership between chip-maker Intel and phone-maker Nokia. However, when Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop had announced in February 2011 that the company was switching gears to Windows Phone, MeeGo was casted aside as an ‘experimental platform’ even though Nokia did follow through and released the Nokia N9 smartphone, which provided the hardware design inspiration for Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 900 Windows Phone smartphones.

Though Nokia did not sell the Nokia N9 in the U.S. market, the handset did attract a lot of attention for its beautiful iconic design, smooth UI, and button-less interface. Despite positive media reviews, the Nokia N9 remains a niche device.

According to GSM Arena, Jolla, also based in Finland, will be comprised of former Nokia employees who worked on Nokia’s MeeGo ambitions. That team intends on releasing more MeeGo devices and continue with the MeeGo project where Nokia had left off.

After Nokia had turned its attention away from MeeGo, Intel had taken the platform and found new partners to relaunch MeeGo as Tizen. It’s unclear if Jolla intends on keeping MeeGo the way that Nokia had shaped the UI and the OS or if Jolla will use the base Tizen architecture and create a UI layer of its own, much like how HTC uses Android and adds the Sense UI overlay on top of the Google experience to make the platform its own.

Hopefully, as the team is comprised of former Nokia employees, Jolla will be able to create beautiful, well-built devices.


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