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JooJoo 1 Says Goodbye. Fusion Garage Still Works Towards JooJoo 2



About two weeks ago we posted that FusionGarage, the makers of the JooJoo Tablet, was moving ahead on its next version using Android as the OS. If that wasn’t a hint, or if the fact that by all reports FusionGarage didn’t do well at all with sales of the original JooJoo, then this news should sum it up nicely.

According to a report on e27, FusionGarage is finally announcing the end of the original JooJoo. I know. Hold your tears. The strange and twisted tale that was the JooJoo is nothing more than, well a strange and twisted tale with nothing but a few laughs and head scratches left to remember it by.

Comical as this may be, I’m going to add this to the mix. The JooJoo was a web based Tablet/Slate. Essentially a browser in a box that you could manipulate via touch. Kevin Tofel recently penned an article suggesting that the market for Google Chrome OS based netbooks might be a little rusty. You remember Google Chrome OS. Web based. Browsers in a box. On Netbooks. Yeah, those are the buzzwords on everybody’s lips these days. I’ve got to agree with Kevin that I think the market for these browser based mobile experiences may have been yesterday if not yesteryear.

That said, even though FusionGarage is moving towards Android as an OS, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to see what FG comes up with either.

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