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Josh “No More Mister Nice Guy” Einstein Goes To Bat For Vista



There is a great thread running in the GBM Forums startred by TEO develoepr Josh Einstein. He kicked the thread off with this statement:

That’s it. I’ve had it with reading baseless claims about Vista’s bugginess in newsgroups, blogs, and forums. From now on, I am going to take anyone to task that complains about a Vista “bug” that can’t provide an explanation or reproduce it on someone else’s machine or a VM.

As usual, Josh is backing up his claims with some good solid info and the respondents to the thread are turning this into a great discussion. Now that Vista has become everyone’s favorite big target for derision, I’m glad to see Josh taking the approach he is in leading this discussion. Josh is quick to point out that he’s not claiming Vista is bug-free or problem free, but his big point is that many of the issues folks are reporting/blogging/whinning/complaining about have more to do with causes other than Vista.

This will be a thread to keep an eye on.

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