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Journal – the joy of simplicity



I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – sometimes, we make things too difficult when it comes to taking notes. That is where Journal for the Tablet PC user comes in.

Tracy Hooten, Tablet PC MVP and editor of has written a fantastic article  on Journal, and is a definite must read to remind notetakers everywhere why you should take a fresh look at Journal for your notetaking needs. Recently, she had to reinstall OneNote 2007 and could not get access to the beta, and consequently has had to turn to Journal for all of her notetaking.

From Tracy:

In light of my recent OneNote fun, I had switched to Journal out of need since all I had installed was a broken OneNote beta and Journal. When the beta wouldn’t install again so I could get to my notes, I panicked and installed the OneNote 2007 Beta 2 on another computer in the house, printed all my OneNote notes to Journal, and then copied all the Journal files to my tablet. It was Journal that I finished up my busy week with since I didn’t have time to try to figure out what was going on with my beta of OneNote.

What did I gain from this? Well, I’m still only using Journal. That’s right. This whole Journal thing is working for me. I really thought I’d miss little things about OneNote after using it all semester, especially after using the new OneNote all semester with all the new features. Did I slip and hit my head at some point this week? No, I’m not going crazy, I just realized a few things that are important to a student:
1. Stability
2. Flexibility
3. Familiarity
4. Simplicity

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