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Joy Factory BubbleShield Review: Waterproof iPhone Sleeve Proves Perfect for Summer Fun



Keeping the iPhone dry while at the beach or in the hot tub is a challenge, especially if you don’t want to buy a bulky waterproof iPhone case that will get limited use.

Thankfully, the Joy Factory Bubbleshield waterproof sleeve offers a better way to temporarily protect your iPhone from water.

It’s perfect for a day at the beach or to keep the iPhone dry while you use it in your hot tub.

The BubbleShield is a re-usable waterproof sleeve that protects the iPhone from water without getting in the way of using the screen.

Unlike waterproof cases that add a lot of bulk, the BubbleShield is as thin as a piece of paper and rolls up to fit in your purse, backpack or car. The sleeves come in a pack of five, so it’s easy to keep one handy or share with a group of friends.

Using the iPhone in a BubbleShield

In order to test the BubbleShield I forced myself to read my morning tech news and drink coffee in a hot tub. Normally I wouldn’t put my iPhone this close to so much water, especially before I am fully awake, but with the iPhone in the BubbleShield I wasn’t worried.

The sleeve slipped on easily and sealed up tight.

BubbleShield for smartphones Review Waterproof iPhone Case

Once the phone was in the shield I was able to use it to catch up on tech news from overnight. In all I used the iPhone inside the BubbleShield for about 30 minutes in a hot tub. During this time, the iPhone case got wet, but the iPhone was dry.

The screen responded well inside the BubbleShield, though I probably wouldn’t want to play a lot of games with it on.

It is easy to see the screen while in the case, but crinkles and bright sunlight force me to be pickier than with a bare iPhone.

Using the Camera in a BubbleShield

Joy Factory boasts that you can still use the camera while the sleeve is on. This is true, but be prepared for loss in quality.

Photos taken with the BubbleShield on are blurry and very soft around the edges. Check out the sample images below to see what photos taken with the BubbleShield on look like.

The photos aren’t ruined, but I recommend sliding the phone out of the sleeve before taking a group shot to remember the day by.

Music and Calls in a BubbleShield

BubbleShield Waterproof iPhone Case ReviewIt is possible to listen to music over the iPhone speakers while inside the BubbleShield, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The audio is muffled and not pleasant to listen to. There is no way to use a headphone with this case.

Calls are ok in a pinch, but I’d recommend taking it out for any call longer than a minute. If you must listen to music, I suggest a good pair of Bluetooth headphones.


If you find your iPhone near water on a regular basis, but don’t want to invest in a bulky waterproof iPhone case the BubbleShield is a great option. The Joy Factory also offers a BubbleShield for the iPad, tablets and the Kindle.

Find the BubbleShield for Smartphones for $18 at Amazon and check out more details at The Joy Factory.



  1. Matt

    05/18/2012 at 2:53 pm

    I got into the habit, years ago, of putting my phone into a Ziploc bag whenever I took it on a boat. Most phones have a specific gravity of less than one, I would guess, so as long as the volume of air in the bag is greater than that of the phone, it’ll float… If the bag stays sealed. Better than nothing, and practically free.


    • Cody

      05/31/2012 at 5:23 am

      There’s something on the market that’s slightly better and very inexpensive. It’s called an iLoc and I use it for my phone at the beach all the time. Keeps out sand, protects if tide comes up on my stuff and fits my phone a lot better. The material is thicker than a ziploc and I don’t feel like a fool walking around with my phone in a sandwich bag. I get packs of 5 for just a couple bucks at Also saw them on amazon and ebay.

      • Matt

        05/31/2012 at 5:29 am

        I don’t know why you’d feel like a fool using a Ziploc bag. Is it because people might see that you have an iPhone? Okay, I get it. That would be humiliating.

  2. RT

    03/17/2014 at 8:36 pm

    Great review, Josh! I’m jealous, though — Here is my experience with the BubbleShield:

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