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Judge Approvals Apple Lawsuit Against Third-Party Accessory-Makers



Apple has received approval from a judge to continue its lawsuit against EForCity and other third-party accessory-makers for infringing on 9 of the iPhone-maker’s patents as well as creating low-quality accessories that are seen as harmful to and detrimental for use with Apple products.

The lawsuit was originally filed in July 2010. In that suit, Apple made the claim that these accessories “are of inferior quality and reliability, raising significant concerns over compatibility with and damage to Apple’s products.” Because of this, Apple says that it was exposed to liabilities. A judge has now approved the lawsuit, giving Apple permission to continue its case against accessory-makers who infringe upon Apple’s patents and create harmful and inferior products for use with Apple hardware.

After the iPhone 4 was released, an issue known as Glassgate began to appear where some third-party slider cases either scratched, cracked, or damaged the rear glass panel of the Apple smartphone, causing Apple to suspend sales of those accessories in its stores and on its website. Though one of the most attractive things about the Apple ecosystem is the number of readily available accessories, the negative thing about that is that not all accessories are created the same and some cheaper products could damage the hardware you are trying to protect.

Via: AppleInsider

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