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Just 20,000 Galaxy Tabs Shipped Actually Sold?



A Lenovo director is claiming that only 20,000 of the 1,000,000 Galaxy Tabs shipped actually sold. If that’s the case, Samsung is likely beyond disappointed with how its original 7″ Android tablet fared against the iPad and other alternatives.

The Guardian is quoting Lenovo’s Andrew Borrow as saying that any manufacturer trying to undercut the iPad, which starts at $499, would be “giving money away.” In other words, he’s saying that the Galaxy Tab would have been a loss-leader even if Samsung sold every unit it shipped.

Samsung hasn’t released official sales number for the original Galaxy Tab, but it has stated that it’s shipped a million of them. The number of gadgets a manufacturer ships is the number of units shipped to wireless carriers, Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers. If gadgets don’t sell, retailers generally have the option of returning them to sender.

Of course the only people that know exactly how many Galaxy Tabs made it into consumers’ hands are Samsung employees. Lenovo and every other gadget maker pay market analysts  to estimate the competition’s sales figures. Lenovo recently launched its own line of Android Tablets, including the 7″ IdeaPad A1 and 10″ IdeaPad K1, which we reviewed.

By comparison, Apple’s sold more than 30 million iPads and is the undisputed leader in the tablet space. Of course Apple got off to a solid head start and Android tablets are just starting to sprout their wings since the introduction of Honeycomb, Google’s tablet-specific version of Android. The next year or so will be very interesting as companies like Samsung are shipping more refined devices, such as the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

However, overshooting production by such a large margin with the original Galaxy Tab could make Samsung execs nervous. In fact, Samsung has ‘no plans’ to introduce the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the U.S. We’re guessing that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will indeed find a way into the U.S., but Samsung will probably be a little more cautious about stuffing U.S. retailers’ warehouses with boxes before there’s a clear indication of how well it will sell and what kind of devices Apple will ship iOS5 on.



  1. Travis Meek

    09/03/2011 at 5:44 pm

    I wonder how much that has to do with Samsung announcing both the 10.1 and the 8.9 at the same time, then only releasing the 10.1. I know that many fans of Android are waiting for that perfect 8.9 size… the Goldilocks size. It would be a shame for them to not ship the 8.9 because the 10.1 didn’t sell like they expected. Samsung needs to put that 8.9 wifi model on the store shelves at a price point below $400 and see that in fact many customers have been waiting for the 8.9 to hit retail. If I thought that the 8.9 wifi wasn’t coming, I would go out right now and buy a 10.1, and I know at least 20 others that would agree with me. But here we wait, and wait, and wait for that 8.9. Come on Samsung, give us what we really want, not another iPad clone, but a reasonable sized device that we can take everywhere with us. Give us the 8.9 wifi you promised, put it on the shelves and we will buy.

  2. Robert Sherman

    09/03/2011 at 7:38 pm

    Travis Meek? XDude get Days of New back together! I caught your “intervention” show on cable–stay strong!

    I have a Galaxy Tab 7″–I love it. One of the things I really like about ti is that Honeycomb ISN’T on the thing! I actually have a rich choice of apps. The performance is great and I think its the better gaming device that my iPad (first Gen)…I admit the few “productivity” apps on either platform have a ways to go, and the magazine apps on iPad are slick–but I keep going back to my SGT because I can pocket the thing–try stuffing an iPad in your pocket…and because the keyboard is big enough to reduce mistakes–but small enough to reach all the keys on the screen with your thumbs…

    No SGT7.7 in the USA!! Say it isn’t so, I’m waiting on either that or the Galaxy Note to get here!! Why are we the last place Samsung wants to sell things? (Apple!!)

  3. person287

    09/04/2011 at 8:58 am

    Whether it’s true or not, to be honest all tablets are a massive flop compared to the iPad!

    • Apple Hater

      09/04/2011 at 5:47 pm

      Massive Flops???

      These iPad knockoffs would actually need to SELL at least a couple 100,000’s to be considered flops!

      Right now they are ALL Galactic Failures!

      I hate to admit to my Apple loving friends, but Apple and their iOS ecosystem is kicking Androids ass!!!

    • Apple Hater

      09/04/2011 at 5:47 pm

      Massive Flops???

      These iPad knockoffs would actually need to SELL at least a couple 100,000’s to be considered flops!

      Right now they are ALL Galactic Failures!

      I hate to admit to my Apple loving friends, but Apple and their iOS ecosystem is kicking Androids ass!!!

    • Anonymous

      09/06/2011 at 10:45 am

      Did you read what you wrote before you posted? “Whether it’s true or not”….then you go on to state that all pads other than ipads are total flops.

      Based on what….the “whether it’s true or not” rumor you cite, personal experience or what?

      It is definitely probably, possibly likely that perhaps being an Apple sheeple dumbs down the mind, especially if the “whether it’s true or not” thing really, possibly turns out to be for real?

      • person287

        09/06/2011 at 7:24 pm

        Well nothing has come close to the iPad’s sales. Samsung hasn’t confirmed that it’s 20,000 so that’s why I don’t know if the lenevo guy is talking facts.

  4. Tim Davies

    09/05/2011 at 11:02 pm

    I am a big iPad fan, I bought the first one in the 64GB 3g version and love it. But I also got the 7″ 3G Tab a year later because I got a good deal. I have to say, I have found a good use for both. My Tablet/Laptop convertable has not left my desk since I got my iPad. I have found that I can get most of my mobile productivity done on the iPad. The Tab sits by my bed(for reading), or goes out with me when I don’t want to have to take a bag along with me(I just pop the micro SIM out of my iPad and use a adapter to use it in my Tab)
    I also love how I can leave my iPhone at home since I use Google voice exclusively. The tab functions as a full phone with the use of Google’s VoIP and GV texting.Robert! I hear you man! I like that the 7″Tab uses phone apps instead of 3.0 tablet apps as well. It scales quite nice and I like how it blows everything up larger, it makes it much easier to use/read! I’m really tempted to get the HTC Flyer…but it’s just to expensive for a wifi only device. I paid $350 for my Tab w/ 3g(refurb)

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