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Just Added A New Gadget To My Arsenal: The Sprint PPC 6700





I just recently added the Sprint PPC 6700 Windows Mobile phone to my arsenal of gadgets. Call it an early birthday present. I have to say in early testing I’m quite pleased, even though I had to go quite a few rounds with Sprint and their ridiculous excuse for customer service. I’ve got 24 days left to return the device if it doesn’t work the way I need it to, but so far everything has checked out just fine. Using the phone as a modem works well, which was one of my reasons for purchasing this model, and I’ll be taking a trip into DC to check out the EVDO functionality soon, as we don’t have it here. But I will say having WiFi on the mobile device is a real treat. This is my first foray into the world of PDA/Mobile land having previously been content with a regular cellphone, so I’m enjoying learning quite a bit about this device and this aspect of the mobile world.

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