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Just Cause 3 Problems: 5 Things to Know



The Just Cause 3 release date is here and gamers ran into a series of Just Cause 3 problems soon after downloading the game or popping the disk into their system. While servers aren’t really a problem we’ve seen a number of gamers share frustrations with Just Cause 3 performance problems, Just Cause 3 load times and PC problems with graphics cards.

So far it seems that the Xbox One Just Cause 3 problems are the worst, but there are issues across all consoles and PC. Despite the issues and bugs, many early reviews highlight how much fun the game is when it works right and attempt to explain just how amazing it can be to fly across the islands.

Every new game comes with some issues, so the Just Cause 3 problems aren’t a death knell to the game. While you may want to wait on buying the game, the odds are good that we will see a Just Cause 3 update to fix some of these issues soon.

What you need to know about Just Cause 3 problems.

What you need to know about Just Cause 3 problems.

Here is a look at the current state of Just Cause 3 problems, where to look for fixes and how to report problems.

Just Cause 3 Performance Problems, Load Time & Crashes

There are some serious Just Cause 3 problems in the area of performance, load times and crashes which see to be fairly common on the Xbox One version of the game when you play the game for more than an hour.

NX Gamer reports that the game can suffer load times of 15 minutes or longer after an hour of play on the Xbox One. The frame rate can drop to 17 frames per second and the game may crash requiring a complete reboot of the console to play again.

These Just Cause 3 problems and bugs take place even with the Day One patch, installed — likely to memory leaks which can ruin enemy AI and physics.

Just Cause 3 PC Problems

There are a variety of Just Cause 3 problems on the PC including issues with AMD graphics cards. A developer posted the following statement and a link to the beta of a driver that should work on Steam.

“There are some known issues that occur with the most recent official release AMD/ATi graphics card drivers. We’re working with AMD to fix the issue via an upcoming official driver update – however to ensure you don’t experience these issues yourself right now please make sure you are using the latest beta driver available here (they are dated 11/30/2015 Version 15.11.1) <- driver linked is for Windows 7/8/10″

On Reddit some users report graphical problems on Just Cause 3, including missing water and trees, that you can see here. Some users are also seeing mixed performance. You can check this thread for reports on different combinations of CPU and GPU.

Just Cause 3 Patch

Ultimately we will likely need a Just Cause 3 patch or Just Cause 3 update to fix many of these problems. We already saw a day one update, and the odds are good that the Avalanche Studios is working on a fix.

Avalanche Studios also made the Mad Max game and there were three patches out for it within the first month of the release, so the team is capable of pushing out fixes fast.

There is likely already a Just Cause 3 update in the works for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Expect to see patches arrive in similar times.

Where to Find Fixes for Just Cause 3 Problems

If you are playing Just Cause 3 on PC, you should check out the Steam community for help with the game. There will be fixes from other players and fixes from Square Enix representatives as well.

The Just Cause 3 sub Reddit is another good place to look for help with your Just Cause 3 problems, and there are already some users sharing fixes for annoyances.

You can also use the Just Cause 3 support page on Square Enix, but it is not very feature packed.

Just Cause 3 Graphics

If you use a NVIDIA graphics card, check out this Just Cause 3 Graphics and Performance Guide.

Where to Report Just Cause 3 Problems

If you are having Just Cause 3 problems, report them to Square Enix using this form. You can share all the information about the problem you ran into and hopefully this will help the developers find a solution faster.



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  2. jakir

    12/14/2015 at 2:29 am

    No problems on the PS4. In fact I’m loving the game : it’s awesome!

  3. Mixx

    12/27/2015 at 9:01 pm

    Game is completely unplayable on my GTX 770. I wish I wouldn’t have pre-ordered this game for $70. They’ve already dropped the price, it’s on sale, it’s been out 1 month and I still can’t play it at all. I’ll never pre-order any game again. I’ll give them until Jan 1st to release a decent patch (showing some improvement) before I begin the return/refund process. If they refuse I’ll complain to them 24/7.

  4. Daniel

    01/22/2016 at 7:28 pm

    Lets see between the shit challenges, horrible camera angels and unridable bikes there is a bigger problem… Why do I need to see my next unlock EVERY time I retry one of the ridiculously hard Wingsuit challenges? I hate these things enough, the fact you need to get all but one ring Perfect is a joke, They encourage you to challenge your friends scores but if they have 5 stars your only hope of beating there score is to get low altitude bonus.. Almost every challenge needs dumbing down and they aren’t actually fun they are just something you grind to get more stuff to get creative in the free world.

  5. Paul

    04/25/2016 at 2:19 am

    Love this game on xbox and have been playing the shit out of it, until now. Now it seems like my left toggle stick has been glued down to the left of the controller and cant be stopped. Rico is constantly running left so u can imagine how frustrating that can be. Any help would be appreciated cheers

  6. Heather

    03/17/2017 at 2:54 pm

    We have an Xbox one. My daughter cannot save her progress, very frustrating. How can she save her game progress?

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