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Just Left Meeting With TabletKiosk – Very Cool Stuff



Had a great meeting with TabletKiosk. Pictures below, video interview and tour later today.

High level:

  • new eo V7110e with
    • 1.2 ghz Via
    • 100 gram digitizer instead of 120 gram for soft touch
    • Extended battery is standard
    • No other changes – same basic unit
    • $998, shipping in Feb
  • Sahara i440d
    • 1.5 Core 2 Duo
    • std with 2 gb ram and outdoor viewable screen
    • New extended slice battery with usb and firewire port, and 3 way adjustable stand – very very nice.$199
    • New portable single battery charger and the slot battery charger
    • SSD support
    • Available to order in Feb
  • eo i7300
    • Targeted specifically at the enterprise.
    • basically build your own UMPC  with module support on left and right side of the eo
    • Outdoor screen std
    • Modules – they are looking for ideas on additional modules. For example, multicard reader module, etc:
        1. eo extender Module ( 2 x USB, 1 x Firewire,1 x 10/100 Ethernet)
        2. eo Button Module (4 x user programmable buttons, 2 x USB)
        3. eo USB Module (4 x USB, 1x HDMI)
        4. eo Extended Life Battery Module
        5. eo RFID Module
        6. eo Z-Wave Module
        7. clip_image001eo Infrared Module
        8. eo Mag Stripe Reader Module
        9. eo CCD Scanner Module
        10. eo Blank Cap Left
        11. eo Blank Cap Right

Mobile Battery Charger


3 array charger


i440d ext battery with stand


usb and firewire Port support on the ext battery



More pics coming later….of the new eo and modules

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