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Just Ordered a New Skooba Bag!



Skooba Skin Micro

Skooba Design makes some really attractive bags. They just came on my radar recently when they announced a holiday special. If you sign up for their email list (and the holiday special), you’ll receive at least one special deal per week. I’ve gotten two emails so far and both were fantastic deals to save 50% on specific products for one day only.

I haven’t seen a Skooba in person yet, so this was somewhat of an impulse buy since it was such a great deal. I ordered a Skooba Skin Micro in brown corduroy with a teal lining. They have a wide selection of colors available. The cool thing is that way the flaps fold so that you can use it as either a sleeve or flip them up to become handles. That should be pretty useful for me. Even the Micro is a little big for my Fujitsu P1610, but it should be a pretty good fit. They need to make a Pico for the even smaller UMPCs.

When this arrives I’ll post up my first impressions of the bag. Skooba Design makes a lot of other products in addition to this sleeve, so check them out if you’re in the market.

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