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MRome-2Margaret Rome is in the real estate market in Baltimore, Maryland and writes about the real estate market at her blog. She just posted an article about using her tablet pc on the airplane, and how a contact she made on the airplane turned in to a referral for a colleague of hers. As usual, the Tablet PC created the conversation-starter. Great “Life With Ink” story!

You can read what happened after the flight here.

Here’s a story about how you never know when a casual conversation will turn into a wonderful connection. This blog started in San Antonio last January while I was at the CyberStar® Summit. For three days I immersed myself in high energy multi-tasking, surrounded by the best of the best in the real estate business.

On the flight back to Baltimore I was working on my tablet PC as usual, reading through my notes, and I started chatting with the woman in the next seat. (The tablet is a great conversation-starter – better than a dog, and you don’t have to clean up after it!) She said she was going to visit her sister-in-law who has a cleaning business in Maryland. Of course I asked her name, and in a city of several hundred thousand, of course I know her sister-in-law. We met several years ago through NAWBO, the women’s business organization. With the tablet’s note-taking feature, I was able to have my seat-mate write her name and email address right on the tablet’s screen.

Finish reading here.

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