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Kaz911 Interviews HTC’s General Manager – No Windows Mobile



Well, Kaz911 is the man of the hour. He just scored an interview with  HTC’s Kevin Chen, a General Manager for HTC.

I asked Kaz911 to inquire about the current Qualcomm / Broadcomm patent dispute and any impact it might have on the HTC making its way to the U.S.

Here is what Kaz911 found out:

First of all — as some of you know — Qualcomm is suffering some patent setbacks in the US – but according to Kevin the current Qualcomm problems will NOT affect delivery to USA. HTC expect to launch late November or December to the US market place. Availability in UAE and possibly Europe will be early Q4 — maybe first weeks of October. This question was from Rob and the guys @ and hope answer was clear enough. :-)

And he found this out regarding Windows Mobile support:

The HTC shift does NOT have Windows Mobile embedded, but a (in my words) a Wireless data modem with advanced BIOS and some of the same applications as you would see on a Windows Mobile Device. Well — again in my interpretation it is Windows Mobile — but very limited version…..It is ONLY there to perform as a modem and provide push mail technology while the rest of the computer is in sleep mode.

Sounds like a SideShow type of service, which is something Hugo mentioned in the InkShow ( but he also called it Windows Mobile / Pocket PC, too )

Checkout Kaz911’s interview for more info on what HTC’s Chen says about Windows Mobile, screen resolution, and more.

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