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Keep That Bacteria Off My Mobile Device



General BacteriaSo, if you’re afraid that you might be picking up some germs from your handheld, or if you share devices with others, or if you’re in the health care field, this might be of interest.

Socket Mobile is announcing a new line of products that come with an anticbacterial plastic to cut down the transmission of germs.

The first product they will be releasing is the SoMo 650 handheld computer and docking cradle and that is targeted for the third quarter of 2008.

Here’s a quote from the press release:

The new antibacterial product line incorporates the use of an antibacterial additive that gradually releases microbe-fighting metal ions upon becoming moist or wet. In conjunction with the traditional cleaning and sterilization procedures used on similar data collection equipment in the healthcare and hospitality industries, devices built with antibacterial plastic provide an additional layer of protection against the multiplication and spread of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes, giving organizations the opportunity to enhance the safety of medical staff, patients, workers and visitors. In addition, the antibacterial plastic reduces, or in many cases eliminates, the need for and dependence on protective skins or shells that can become expensive over time as a consumable-type accessory.

And here’s a link to the full press release.

Thanks to Steve Seto who sent this in.

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