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Keeping your Tablet PC Install Steady



Picture 2.pngOne of the constants in my life is the everchanging form factors and applications I’m installing, testing, and playing with. This often makes OS installations quite unsteady and can bring havoc on productivity. Thanks to K0L0, we now know of an application from Microsoft to help bring a little calm to the storm called “testing”: Windows SteadyState. Although primarily designed to help with shared computing scenarios found in internet cafes, libraries, the home, and student centers, Windows SteadyState offers this nice feature for those of us who do a lot of testing:

Choose the disk protection level that fits how your computer is used and whether or not your users need to save data for a specific length of time.

For example, if your shared computers are used by different people every day, you can set SteadyState to remove all changes at every restart. This is a good choice in a library or an Internet café.

You can also choose to retain changes for a specified period of time. This is a good option if you have the same users every day for a limited duration, such as a school term or an ongoing computer lab project.

However you choose to use Windows Disk Protection, you can rest easy knowing that a clean return to its original state is available.

Learn more here and read the documentation Steady State here. Windows SteadyState is free, however, it only works with Windows XP. Accordign to K0L0, the commercial equivilent of SteadyState of Faronics Deep Freeze, which is supported on Vista.

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