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Kensington Debuts New Kensington KeyCover Keyboard for iPad



As tablets continue to encroach on the traditional personal computer market, accessories companies like Kensington are looking to help users make the most out of the new usage paradigms that tablets like the iPad make possible. Kensington is launching the KeyCover Keyboard for iPad as part of a new line of products designed to turn your iPad into a hybrid computing machine.

The first in this new line is the Kensington KeyCover Hard Shell Keyboard. This all aluminum shell, which should blend nicely with your iPad’s design, offers the latest in productivity upgrades including the latest in Bluetooth wireless, a flip out stand for keeping your device steady and support for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

KensingtonIn another sign of the times, Kensington has also seen fit to give users the option of using their iPad in both portrait and landscape modes and, insists that touch typists should feel right at home as it’s been designed to be “a real, high-performance keyboard”, something that mobile warriors will be sure to appreciate if true. Keyboard comfort has been an issue for devices of this type.

Convenience also factors into the modern iPad user’s life style, and what’s more convenient than being able to flip your iPad face down on onto your device’s keyboard for easy storage inside a messenger bag? Doing so gives you a screen cover made of durable aluminum, making it particularly useful for those of us who don’t want to cover their attractive consumer electronics in bulky cases, but who still want to do everything they can to avoid replacing their device sooner than they would like.

Recently, tablet manufacturers as well as consumers, have become infatuated with the idea of mobile devices that are optimized for both entertainment and productivity – our reviews of ZAGGKeys Pro Plus for iPad and our experiences with the Microsoft Surface RT confirm this.

The Kensington KeyCover Hard Shell Keyboard for iPad is now available for pre-order via Kensington’s website or Amazon for $79.99.

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