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Kevin Tofel reviews the FlyBook V33i



Kevin Tofel, of JkOnTheRun, has been giving the FlyBook V33i a test run the past several weeks, and has just published a video review. I wish more OEMs would take FlyBook’s cue and offer up some cooler looking designs. He covers the followign the topics, and includes a special  “short feature”.

Cool stuff, Kevin.

  • Complete walk around of the device
  • The excellent case
  • Using the integrated WWAN capabilities for phone calls and Internet
  • Comparing a native 1024 x 600 screen to a non-native screen, i.e.: the Q1
  • FlyBook Control Center
  • Keyboard usage and thoughts
  • Mouse / joystick controls
  • Alternatives to the Tablet PC OS and applications
  • Touchscreen vectoring demonstration; how well does the V33i deal with palm rejection?
  • Overall specs and final thoughts
  • Stay tuned after the credits for a special “short feature”.
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