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Key Batman: Arkham Knight Detail Jumpstarts a Revolt



Video game publisher Warner Brothers and developer Rocksteady Studios are sharing more information about this summer’s Batman: Arkham Knight release and the news isn’t all good. Just a day after the two announced a Dual Play mode that’ll let players control multiple heroes in the game at the same time, they announced a Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass that’s causing a firestorm.

This morning Warner Brothers announced a Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition that’ll join the standard copies of the game already coming to store shelves and the première bundle that includes the game and a transforming Batmobile statue for $199. According to IGN, Batman: Arkham Knight Premium addition is a combination of the Season Pass and a standard copy of Batman: Arkham Knight. This premium edition will cost $99.


Warner Brothers Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition announcement is drawing a lot of raised eyebrows because of its pricing and how much the Season Pass costs by itself. On its own buyers can expect the Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass to cost $40. By comparison a standard copy of the game cost $60. At those prices the Premium Edition isn’t just expensive, it actually yields players no actual savings of any kind.

For it’s part Warner Brothers seems to have worked hard to ensure that buying a Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass is worth it. The publisher is promising six months of content. This six months of content will include, “new story missions, additional super-villains invading Gotham City, legendary Batmobile skins, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins and new drivable race tracks.”

For some, that’s a lot of content and definitely worth the price of admission. Other’s aren’t so thrilled about being charged just $20 less for what could amount to expansion pack for the game. There are some in the gaming community that feel like story missions and super-villains contained in this new Season Pass should have been part of the original game. Certainly series fans who want to experience all of Batman: Arkham Knight will need to pay $100 for the Premium Edition, which is a great deal higher than the $40 we’re used to paying.

Certainly, fans who’d already pre-ordered the game aren’t going to be too happy about the cost of this DLC. Reaction isn’t necessarily one-sided though. Xbox Reddit PRBoi accurately points out the other side of the question saying, “Has anyone ever wondered why game prices haven’t been raised in nearly 10 years? Games are becoming more and more expensive to make and can be as expensive as movies if not more.” He asks a very valid question: “Would you rather have, a $60 game with optional DLC or a $100 game with no DLC?”

Batman: Arkham Knight is expected to be one of the biggest game lunches of the summer. Originally, the game was slated for released last year, but was delayed last summer without warning. Warner Brothers delayed its release again earlier this year by a few weeks.

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In Batman: Arkham Knight you again take on the role of the Dark Knight. This time, there’s much more at your disposal. In this game there’s a new suit and new gadgets that Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bothers haven’t yet revealed. For the first time Batman’s ultimate gadget, the Batmobile, will be something players can call on at any time. The Batmobile has a mode specifically built for maneuvering around tight corners and getting Batman where he needs to go as fast as possible. In addition to that, that activates all sorts of weapons and assault equipment. Players can use the Batmobile to launch Batman into a glide that’ll carry him across long distances on his own

Batman: Arkham Knight pre-orders ae already available at electronic retail stores like Best Buy and gaming specific retailers like GameStop.

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