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Key Problem Hampers NBA 2K15 Release



NBA 2K15, the world’s premiere basketball game isn’t suffering from multiplayer connectivity issues or server outage like some high-profile games for the Xbox One and PS4. Instead, the NBA 2K15 release is being plagued by a software rendering issue that makes the faces of custom players look absolutely horrific.

Reports of NBA 2K15 having issues with scanning player’s faces into the game started to trickle out last night shortly after launch. NBA 2K15 developer Visual Concepts included facial scanning technology into the game so that users would be able to quickly customize a playable character in the game that looks like them. By strongly resembling players, the facial scanning was intended to build attachment for players and keep them invested in the game’s custom player modes.

There is no NBA 2K15 demo this year.

Whether that plan would have actually worked out remains unclear, but so far NBA 2K15 players created with the scanning technology look less like players in the National Basketball Association and more likely aliens from another planet.

Some players report the facial technology is having a very hard time seeing most of their facial features. Other users are reporting that NBA 2K15 fails at rendering faces at the most basic level. One shot shared above renders the players eyes and eyes brows on the lower-right side of his jaw. NBA 2K15 also seems to have a really big problem with skin complexion, with some users ending up with characters that have almost purple faces. NBA 2K15 is supposed to map the players face in 30 seconds or less, then build an –in-game mockup of what they look like. Whether the issues are being created by low-light situations remains unclear.

The facial recognition issues NBA 2K15 is running into on release day are serious – anytime a game arrives on store shelves with a feature this broken it is. That being said, it’s hardly going to stop NBA 2K15 release date buyers in their tracks. An updated MyLeague system will allow users to simulate their own association. Crew Mode is back and still lets player put together squads of their favorite characters outside of core league games and exhibitions. Barring any other serious issues, NBA 2K15 should be a relative hit like the other basketball games that preceded it.

NBA 2K15 is available in the Xbox Games Store and the PlayStation Network for $59.99. NBA 2K15 is available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and laptops and desktops running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Users who purchase the game on Windows PCs are getting a version that mirrors what’s available on the Xbox One and PS4. Xbox 360 and PS3 users who pick up NBA 2K15 are getting a game that’s functionally similar, but doesn’t look as good as it does on the latest consoles.

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The digital Xbox One version requires 46GB of free storage. The PS4 version requires 42GB of storage. To be clear, users who purchase a version of the game on a disc will still have to install a portion of the game on their system, however that portion won’t take up nearly as much space as the digital versions. NBA 2K15 also has a number of things that can be purchased with in-game currency. That virtual currency is also available through the Xbox Store, PlayStation Network or in pre-paid for at stores like GameStop.

In addition to installing the game itself, NBA 2K15 release date buyers should expect an update for the game the moment they put it into their console, according to some reports. With past games in the franchise, Visual Concepts has released a companion app for owners of iPhones and smartphones running Google’s Android operating system. Rumors indicated that the same would be true this year, but they have yet to appear in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.



  1. Greg

    10/07/2014 at 5:02 pm

    Do you even play 2K? The servers are terrible. The my team is down . They charged my buddies card 700 dollars because every time he tried to buy 75 dollars worth of vc an error would appear and say order cancelled. 2k 15 is truly a mess at the moment.

    • foxdashman

      10/08/2014 at 5:40 am

      Yeah, I think you wrote this article too early in the day because the servers were up and down last night. I kept getting booted from MyCareer and forced to re-make my MyPlayer (literally 30+ times). Each time, I had a different name and completely different looking player. At the beginning of the night, my MyPlayer’s name was Adam Fox and he was a white guy with a beard. By the end of the night my MyPlayer’s name was Clayton Willis and he was a black guy with an afro…

      Then I tried to hop onto MyTeam, which also wasn’t working. The servers are always terrible and to read somewhere that NBA2K didn’t or doesn’t suffer from this issue sucks, because they somehow always get a pass on it and never fix it.

  2. AnonymousAndy

    10/07/2014 at 5:26 pm

    Face scan, and i mean no disrespect, turns out to be a deformed down syndrome face. NBA HOME NBA AWAY My GM don’t work. Attribute upgrades don’t work. NOTHING WORKS! THIS IS TOTAL BS!

  3. Teddy

    10/10/2014 at 7:50 pm

    The servers are s*#t at the moment. My myplayer looks perfect though. If you cant get your face to scan you are doing it wrong. Get good lighting and just turn your head 30 degrees to each side.

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