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Key The Division Season Pass Details Arrive



With The Division release date just weeks away, we’re learning a lot more about how the one-time purchase of its season pass will work. New information about The Division Season Pass this week includes new skins, special events and how much it’ll cost those that purchase the standalone game to pick it up.

Details about The Division Season Pass first appeared earlier this week, followed today by news of new skins that players can expect. The Division is an online role-playing game coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One, Windows PCs and Sony’s PS4 on March 8th. It borrows its mechanics and character creation from role-playing games, but the gameplay itself is closer to what’s offered in third-person shooters.


A virus has devastated the United States, causing a government collapse. New York City has fallen and it’s up to a sleeper cell of agents belonging to the Strategic Homeland Division to set everything right. Publisher Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment have teased The Division release since 2013.

A new purchase page on GameStop’s website confirms that The Division Season Pass costs $39.99 on its own. That’s news since Ubisoft only offered the season pass to shoppers that picked up disc or digital versions of The Division Gold Edition previously. The online store entry doesn’t go into a lot more detail than just the add-ons price. It does confirm the three expansion that Ubisoft previously talked about.

Separately, we now have confirmation that the gear sets and clothing previously billed as pre-ordered exclusives for specific retailers in North America and Europe are also included in The Division Season Pass. The New York Paramedic Pack, Hunter Pack, Survivor Pack, New York Firefighter Pack, New York Policeman Pack and the National Guard Pack all appeared on Xbox Live for season pass holders to download this morning.

the division season pass

Besides adding a different look, each pack also grants characters specific upgrades not available in the others. For example, the New York Police Pack grants characters more ammo capacity and a custom skinned shotgun. The Survivor Pack comes with an AK47 Assault Rifle and boosts the amount of items that players can carry outside of ammo. The National Guard set was already exclusive to The Division Gold Edition.

The PlayStation Network posting about The Division Season Pass hints at there being monthly extras, events and new content for buyers. These add-ons and activities won’t be available to those that just purchase the base game, it’s implied. It also clarifies the timing of each expansion. Ubisoft plans to rollout the three major expansions included in The Division Season Pass over the course of a full calendar year, it seems. How long players will have with the base game before for the first expansion arrives is anyone’s guess at this point.

The DIvision PS4

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These new details come at what promises to be a very busy week for those excited about The Division. The Division Open Beta kicks off tomorrow on Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console. Anyone with an internet connection and Xbox Live Gold will get to try the game for themselves. The Division Open Beta comes to PS4, UPlay and Steam on Friday. The testing period lasts until Monday before disappearing again.

Pre-loading for The Division Open Beta has already arrived on Xbox One. Users can start the download from the Xbox Store. It’s listed under demos. Steam, UPlay and PS4 users can pre-load the game now too. Users that participated in the Closed Beta late last month and have that client still installed should be able to simply update the download already on their PC.

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