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Keyboard Case for iPad I’m Guessing Aims for Netbook Crowd



The world loves its keyboards. Created by Shenzhen Paoluy Silicone Technology Co., Ltd of China this iPad case with a Bluetooth keyboard just passed the FCC but looks like it will have a UK debut before hitting the shores of the US. The KeyCase iPad Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard clamshell design allows you to prop up the screen in landscape mode and peck away to your heart’s content. Connected via Bluetooth, there’s some conflicting data on how long a charge will go with the product manual stating 100 days with 90 hours of uninterruptible work. But one UK retailer says 45 hours. Either way that’s a lot of uninterruptible typing if you ask me. The keyboard is charged separately from the iPad.

I’m sure this will probably be a big hit, and I’m sure we’ll see others that follow in a similar vein. Actually I’m surprised its taken this long for something like this to surface. But in the beginning run up to the holiday season, I guess it makes sense even with a price tag of $92 or so. I occasionally pull out my Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard but find that I need it less and less. But when I do need it, it is usually for an important and urgent task. But given the very personal and thereby very different ways that folks use iPads (and other Tablet/Slates promised to come) I can see this being a product in demand, although my preference is to only have a keyboard around when I actually need one.

Via AppleInsider

So, here’s a question and a quick poll. How important is a keyboard solution for you with your current Tablet or Tablet/Slate plans?

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