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Keyboards Too Loud? No Problem, Use a Tablet PC



008_SmallI’m sitting in auditions today with over 100 other theatres in the Playhouse on the Square in Memphis. Everyone has different note taking methods some including laptops of various shapes and sizes. To my eye, I’m the only Tablet PC guy here. POTS makes their WiFi available. Which means that throughout each day, when we hit a boring audition or two, (or three, or….) you will see auditors checking their email or doing a bit of web surfing. It happens.

This year however there are less computes open. There’s a reason for that. The staff of the UPTA auditions are tremendously responsive to the needs of both the producers and the actors. They make positive changes each and every year. In year’s past they’ve had some complaints about the sound of clacking keyboards during the auditions from both sides of the footlights. So, this year, the word came out that if you can’t be quiet while typing, don’t.

No problem here. I use my Tablet PC with a stylus anyway, so I’m in good shape. Another way the Tablet PC keeps me productive when a regular laptop wouldn’t.

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