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Amazon Planning Full Tablet Assault with 5-6 Kindle Fire 2 Tablet Options



Amazon is readying a collection of Kindle Fire tablets to take on the iPad and Nexus 7 tablets this fall, with the possibility for as many as six new Amazon tablet variations.

Demos Parneros, the President of Staples, told Reuters that Amazon will sell five to six new Amazon tablets this fall.

Specifically, Parneros says Amazon is preparing to launch a 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet aimed at taking on the iPad’s dominance.

Amazon might be preparing for five to six tablet SKUs, but that doesn’t mean Amazon will launch six distinct tablets.

Kindle Fire 2 concept

Concept shows what a Kindle Fire 2 in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes might look like.

It’s more likely that Amazon will offer the Kindle Fire 2 and a larger 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet at multiple price points with different storage sizes or features.

Storage is one of the most common ways to differentiate tablet models, but Amazon could also pair the Kindle Fire with a 4G LTE connection to push the Amazon streaming video services and stand apart from the Nexus 7 tablet.

A 4G LTE connection could push the price of the Kindle Fire higher, and the trend towards lower data limits threaten to put a damper on a 4G LTE Kindle Fire. The new shared data plans from Verizon and AT&T, might be enough to convince Amazon consumers will spend more for a connected tablet, even with limited data.

The new AT&T Mobile Share and Verizon Share Everything plans allow users to connect a tablet to their data plan for just $10 a month.

We might see the following Kindle Fire lineup this fall.

  • 8GB Kindle Fire 2 – 7-inch
  • 16GB Kindle Fire 2 – 7-inch
  • 16GB Kindle Fire 2 – 10-inch
  • 32GB Kindle Fire 2 – 10-inch
  • 16GB Kindle Fire 2 – 10-inch 4G LTE
  • 32GB Kindle Fire 2 – 10-inch 4G LTE

Amazon might also offer an Kindle Fire with more internal storage or a 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 with a 4G LTE connection, but price points may dictate that the rumored larger Kindle Fire receives the bulk of the new features.

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