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Kindle Fire 2, Paperwhite Kindle & Amazon Phone Possible Today (Video)



Amazon may not be streaming the Kindle event so everyone can watch from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sneak peak at some of Amazon’s Kindle announcements this morning.

At 1:30 Easter, 10:30 Pacific, Amazon is hosting an Event in California to unveil the company’s new line of eReaders and, according to the latest rumors, show off a first look at the Amazon phone.

After the company pulled links to the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch from the main navigation in the Amazon Kindle Store, leaving the Kindle, Kindle Keyboard and Kindle DX.

Kindle Fire 2 & PaperWhite Kindle Reader Video

Last night Amazon’s latest Kindle commercial aired during a Special Wednesday Night Football kickoff event, possibly outing the Kindle Fire 2 and the new Kindle with Paperwhite technology. At the end, the woman in a hammock appears to be holding a larger Kindle Fire, but this may turn out to be a visual trick, and not a larger Kindle Fire 2.

We wonder if this ad was supposed to kick off during Thursday night football, or if it was a teaser all along.

Paperwhite Kindle Reader

At the forefront of Amazon’s new Kindle family is the Paperwhite Kindle Fire, a new Kindle with a backlit display. This is one of the most requested features I’ve heard from Kindle owners who are sick of clipping lights to their Kindles and spending $60 on a case with a light.

Kindle Touch Paperwhite

Claimed Kindle Touch with Paperwhite screen.

The new Kindle Touch with Paperwhite screen technology first leaked in late August to The Verge. These new images show a Kindle Touch that looks much like the current model, but with revamped screen specs.

We expect more than a backlit display, the leaked images include one page boasting a higher contrast, higher resolution and eight weeks of battery life.

Kindle Fire 2

With the Kindle Fire out of stock, Amazon is sure to announce at least one new Kindle Fire this morning. The commercial last night showed off at least one new Kindle Fire, and possibly a larger Kindle Fire 2 at the end.

The Kindle Fire 2 should arrive with a 7-inch model, like the current version, with a new design and better specs. Rumors point to a front facing video camera and microphone for video chat as well as an updated user interface, possibly a customized version of Android 4.0.

Kindle Fire 2

This may be the Kindle Fire 2.

The Kindle Fire is only available in a 7-inch model with WiFi, but Amazon may be preparing a larger 10-inch Kindle Fire for the announcement later today. In the video we see what appears to be a larger Kindle Fire device, and rumors up to this point indicate a pair of tablets.

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CNet reports that Amazon is planning to offer two 7-inch tablets instead of the larger tablet, one of which will include an HMDI port, more storage and a faster processor.

The Wall Street Journal claims Amazon is going to introduce the Kindle Fire with Special Offers, an ad supported Kindle Fire with a reduced price. The Kindle eInk readers show ads on the screen when the device is sleeping, but it’s not clear how a Kindle Fire with Special Offers would display ads to users.

While rumors of a Kindle Fire 2 with a cellular connection surfaced earlier this year we haven’t heard any recent leaks about a Kindle Fire with 3G or 4G LTE.

Amazon Phone


More than just an Appstore, a phone.

The Amazon phone, or perhaps the Kindle Phone, is rumored as often as  Facebook phone, but The Verge claims in a report posted late yesterday that the Amazon phone is real, and it may arrive at today’s press event.

An Amazon phone is said to run a modified version of Android 4.0 with Nokia Maps, but no other details were revealed.

It’s difficult to see the selling points of an Amazon phone when most of the Amazon ecosystem is available on Android phones as they currently stand. This phone will need more than just access to Amazon Instant videos for Amazon to be successful.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the Amazon Kindle event when it kicks off later today.

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