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Kindle Fire Owners Ready To Switch to iPad 3



The iPad 3 release date is just around the corner, and there are already users thinking about lining up for the new iPad.

We expect that Apple will launch the iPad 3 on March 16th, which means the 5% of respondents in a recent survey by will be camping out on March 15th. Together with those who plan to show up later, nearly a quarter of respondents plan to buy the iPad 3 on release day.

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It’s no surprise that a lot of people are planning to buy the iPad 3, but what did take me by surprise was the number of Kindle Fire owners who are planning to buy an iPad 3.

Of those surveyed, over half of the Kindle Fire owners are planning to buy the iPad 3.

That’s pretty close to the 56% of iPad 2 owners who responded they would upgrade to the iPad 3, and impressive given how many of these respondents purchased the Fire within the last six months.

TechBargain’s survey of 1,305 respondents found that 48% were planning to buy an iPad 3, and revealed that income didn’t play a big role in the desire to upgrade. Though the top reason respondents earning $150,000 or more gave for not buying was that the iPad was too expensive!

The survey respondents also shared their most desired iPad 3 features. Sadly, I think many of these features will be missing from the iPad 3 announcement.

  • Quad Core Processor: 85%
  • Better Speaker: 82%
  • USB Port: 82%
  • Memory Card Slot: 81%
  • Less Reflective Screen: 72%
  • Siri: 65%
  • Support for Thunderbolt (42%)
  •  Multiple User accounts (51%)

A quad-core processor could happen, but rumors suggest we won’t see it on the iPad 3. I don’t see Apple adding a USB port or a SD card reader to the iPad 3, or any iPad for that matter.

I would love to have Multiple accounts, Siri and better speakers on the iPad 3, but we’ll be lucky if the iPad 3 has Siri.

Curiously absent from the list is the Retina Display and 4G LTE. While I really want these features, I’m guessing that the average iPad user won’t care about the iPad 3 Retina Display until Apple tells them what the benefits are in the announcement or in the first iPad 3 ad. As for 4G LTE, I agree with Adam Mills, that most users don’t need a 4G LTE iPad 3, but I still want one.

Check out the Infographic below to see Who’s Planning to Buy the iPad 3.

iPad 3 infographic

Stay tuned for iPad 3 news.



  1. Bryan_Phillips

    02/25/2012 at 1:56 am

    Only 89 Kindle Fire owner responded to the survey and your making a big deal of this. I’m definitely LAUGHING OUT LOUD at this article.

  2. jjjjjggggghhhh

    02/25/2012 at 6:14 am

  3. yeahright

    02/25/2012 at 8:38 am

    All surveys can be skewed in how you write the questions to lead responses and it’s even worse when the answers are multiple choice.  Someone could write a poll to lead answers to favor Amazon’s Kindle and show the exact opposite, that ipad owners are planning on buying the next Kindle.  Polls are to be taken with a gain of salt.  I would also venture to say only unhappy Kindle owners responded to this survey, the happy ones don’t care about the ipad or surveys pretaining to the ipad.  To sum it up: not a scientific poll with likely skewed results.

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