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Amazon Kindle FreeTime Delivers Finest Parental Controls



Along with updated and new Kindles, Amazon announced a new feature for their tablets called FreeTime that gives parents a chance to control how their kids can use the tablet.

These new controls may only arrive on the new 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets, but for parents this might be reason enough to upgrade.

The Kindle FreeTime controls offer incredibly specific controls over how children use the Kindle Fire, but allow parents to leave open certain activities at the same time.

FreeTime Parental Controls

The new Kindle Fire HD comes with enhanced parental controls.

With FreeTime the user gets more control. For example, a parent can go into settings and set time limits for the device. Maybe they don’t want their kid to watch more than 30 minutes of video on school nights. Set the time limit and the tablet will only allow that much time. The screen will turn blue when its locked. The parent can set limits of the use of apps and reading time.

amazon kindle fire limits

The parent can set these limitations individually or as a group. For example, maybe the parent wants to set app usage at an hour and video at 30 minutes but give them unfettered access to their books, they can. Also, the tablet can use multiple profiles so that different users will have different setups.

amazon kindle fire multiple profiles

As far as we know, this makes the Kindle Fire the only tablet that provides parents this much control. The iPad and some Android tablets let the parent limit certain apps or purchasing content, but not categories of usage like the Kindle Fire.

Here’s a look at the new Kindle Fire HD in Amazon’s latest commercial.



  1. Jean

    09/07/2012 at 8:31 am

    This is great news for parents! The ability to have different profiles for each child and overall time controls is what many are looking for on their family iPads. Look out Apple…

  2. Teresa Sharkey

    10/28/2012 at 1:37 am

    Is it possible to get this in the UK? I have been unable to find it so far.

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