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Kindle Fire Update Makes It Safe to Let Kids Play



An Amazon Kindle Fire update just dropped from Amazon that will make parents rejoice thanks to new parental controls.

Previously on a Kindle Fire, younglings could buy movies, books and apps as well as order thousands of pretty much anything they wanted from Amazon. Only you wouldn’t know till you got your shocking email with the receipt.

Update 6.3.1 offers parents the option to add a password protection to their Kindle Fire so that junior can’t hit buy without your consent, well, that is unless they guess your password.

In addition, you can disable content libraries like movies, TV, books and apps and turn off the Silk Browser altogether so they can’t get on the wild World Wide Web. This also provides some added security thanks to the password protection.

The update should show up on your Kindle Fire soon, automatically, if connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet. To get it now, make sure your Fire has a full battery or plug it into the AC adapter. Tap on the Settings icon in the upper right and choose Sync. The update will download and apply itself.

You can also download the update from Amazon and side load it using your computer. After downloading the update, move it to your Kindle Fire using a USB cable. One doesn’t come with the Fire so you’ll have to get your own. Drop the update into the Kindleupdates folder on the Fire from either Finder on a Mac or Explorer on Windows.

Open the Fire settings using the icon in the upper right and tap More. Choose Device and then Update Your Kindle. The option won’t work if it’s already applied or the file transfer didn’t finish successfully. After a couple of restarts you can use your fire with the new software and features.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. R. Vinson

    06/27/2012 at 1:49 pm

    The Kindle Fire needs to go further. There should be two places to store apps and books. One for everyone the other for adults. Many adults want to download games and books, however they don’t want their children to access to them. Although you can password the KF once in, anyone can access everything. To get this ability people must go to one of the competitors. It seems like it would be simple to create two storage folders one that could be pass worded for adult content the other for children.


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