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Kudos to Microsoft



I can’t remember the last time that Microsoft has launched such a successful campaign as this Origami Project. They are doing all of the right things. Buzz is building and it is now gaining national attention.

For those of you who have followed me over the past several years, I don’t shy away from telling Microsoft, OEMs, and ISVs where they mess up. In the same vein, I heap praise where it is due. And in this case, it is due. They have executed this brilliantly.

I don’t anticipate the hype to be more than what is finally announced in a couple of weeks, but I do hope that people keep their expectations in check. Going back to the mobile brief that I blogged about earlier (which has picked up a great deal of press and links), Microsoft’s Bill Mitchell did say that the combined list of specs were all ““ideal”. I hope that people don’t expect these ““devices” to be the end-all for $500 right out of the gate. That said, whatever these devices end up looking like and featuring, I can tell you that I can’t wait to get my hands on one — whatever it ends up being.

NDA requirements are keeping Dennis and I from talking too much about Origami except for what we see leaked, but this will be a story that Dennis and I continue to watch closely and report on. Whatever we can share with you , we will.

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