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Kudos to the Microsoft Vista and Tablet PC Team



Earlier this month, I wrote an editorial regarding the placement of the Tablet PC program group within Vista. I also submitted my opinions to Microsoft as a bug, and was consequently told that Microsoft had made a decision to move the Tablet PC options group underneath Accessories.

That remained the case as of Build 5472. So you can imagine my surprise when I installed build 5536, which is the Pre-RC1 release, and found that they moved the Tablet PC program group back to a top level group! You can now found the Tablet PC programs right after clicking Start / Programs, and it is no longer hidden under Accessories! In addition, Windows Journal and Sticky Notes are now top level programs along with Media Center, Windows Mail, Windows Contacts, and others.

Thanks, Microsoft, for moving the Tablet PC options back to where they should be and making it easier for first time Tablet PC users to find their Tablet PC programs!

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