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Laboring w/ the MiFi 2200 and Mini 110



I spent most of Labor Day weekend building a cabin with my dad on our family’s property in Sonoma county. I actually enjoyed lifting heavy beams, digging ditches and clearing brush, but I did have to check in with some colleagues on some urgent projects we’re collaborating on.

I usually overpack technology gear, but I traveled relatively light this weekend. I brought an HP Mini 110, Sprint MiFi 2200 and my iPhone 3GS.

I brought the Mini 110 because it’s relatively inexpensive and I knew I’d be using it in the middle of our little construction zone. In case I broke the thing I wouldn’t be too torn up. Another thing that makes the Mini 110 well-suited for working outdoors is its anti-glare display. It’s much easier to view than the glossy displays found on most consumer netbooks and notebooks. I really wish more consumer netbooks and notebooks came with ant-glare displays by default.

I periodically checked my email on my iPhone 3GS using the MiFi. I was unable to reliably check email using my AT&T data subscription.

When I received an urgent SMS or email I could put down my tools and hop on the Mini 110 for a few minutes of work. The connection was a lot slower than what I’m used to seeing around San Francisco, but the connection was reliable.

I would have rather not been online at all this weekend so I could concentrate on building the cabin, but my mobile setup did allow me to spend more time with my family.

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